You are an editor and writer 

who lives at the intersection

of journalism and technology.

You think storytelling on the web

should be beautiful, remarkable

and engaging. 

You are able to analyze complex situations

and offer good advice.

You have real team spirit,

strong motivation and drive.

You have experience.

You have good cross-cultural experience

and sensitivity,

and you have an international perspective.

You have numerical skills and the ability

to create strategies

from large amounts of data.

You have a strong Affinity to consumer electronics

and smartphones.

You have excellent German and English skills,

with some experience

in real estate in or outside Germany. 

You work in an independent,

organized and result-oriented way, 

with an ability to influence

cross-functional teams

without formal authority.

You want to be in e-commerce.

You are fond of Oriental Aesthetic

and its culture, and enjoy to work

for a social mission.

You have experience in working

with knit and other fabrics.

You are able to manage multiple priorities

and meet deadlines.

You are insightful, innovative,

and adapt well to a dynamic

and fast-paced environment.

You know how to attract masses

with outstanding content.

You have knowledge of Microsoft Word.

You are young and energetic, like challenges,

are passionate, work hard,

and willing to learn.

And most importantly

you like to have fun

and get things done!



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